Happy Anniversary ♥

Sayangg , i miss you , i hope i'm on your mind because honestly , i think about you all the time , i rindu you sangat2x tahu tak ? , bila nak jumpe lagi niyhh ? hurm hurm , lepas ni myo mesti tak busy sangat kan ? , nnti boleh lah selalu date kann , hihi ^^, seronoknyeeee tak tahan dah ni , rindu sangat tau , yeayyyyyyy !!! Lagi beberapa hari jea kan kite punya anniversary kan sayang , saje post awal takut tak sempat buat , hehe . hunny nak bagitahu yang hunny sayangkan myo okay , sayang please don't be in love with someone else , please don't have someone waiting for you okay b :) , i just wanted to remind you that i love you so much , You're worth all of this and more . Thank you for staying with me , without you ill be miserable at best , im sorry that i'm sometimes not good enough and i know that i'm not always fun to be with but just know that i'm grateful , sayang i don't want a HAPPY ENDING but what i want is a NEVER ENDING ♥ 

If i never met you , i wouldn't like you . If i didn't like you , i wouldn't love you . If i didn't love you, i wouldn't miss you. But i did, i do, and i will :)

i love you like a love song baby ~ lalalala