Something About Guys :)

If you treat him , we will say you're in love .
If you don't he say you are proud .
If you dress nicely , nicely 
he will say that you trying to impress him .
If you don't , he will says that you are "Kampung Girls"

If you argue with him , he will try to leave you .
If you love him , he will try to posses you .
If you are smarter than him , he will lose his face .
If you don't let him kiss you .
Me will say that you don't love him .
If you let him kiss you , he will say you're cheap . 

If you tell him your problems 
he will say you're troublesome .
If you don't , he will say you don't trust him .
If you scold him , you're like nanny to him .
If he scolds you , it's because he cares you .

If you break you promise , you can't be trusted .

If you smoke , you're bad girls .
If he smoke , he is gentleman .