i miss My Boyfriend ♥

Just so you know ....
I'm missing you so badly :'(

I miss how happy i was with you , 
I miss the way you're suppose to smile 
and make me fall in love over and over again .
 I wish you missed me as I much as I miss you .

I only get jealousy because i love you 
and i don't want anyone else to have you .
You are mine and you're special for me :)
You make my world beautiful , i love you sweetheart ♥

  I miss your smile 
I miss your face
I miss your eyes
 I miss your voice
I miss your love
I miss your joke
I miss you :/

When we first met , i had no idea you would be so important to me ,
Our love is like the wind.. I can't see it , but I can feel it .
You're my one in a million ,
You complete me , to sum it all up ..
i love you so much Meor Zulfaiz ♥